THE CRISIS ACTOR by Johnny Drago, directed by Zack Carey, premieres at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC. /October, 2019/

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Staged reading of GURL, HANG UP THE PHONE! by Catherine Weingarten, directed by Ben Stockman, presents at the Now Collective on Oct. 27th.


COOKING WITH STRANGERS, produced by Seth Daniels, enters production for season one. /August - September, 2019/

WHAT IS YOUR NAME??? by Jane Lindstrom, directed by Anya Josephs, premieres off-Broadway at Theatre Row for 24 Hour Plays: Nationals. /August, 2019/

Staged reading of DOX MODERN MIDDLE by Megan Pope, directed by Aaron Simon Gross, runs at The Tank. /July, 2019/

Staged reading of CIAO BAMBINO by Elizabeth Turner and Vincent Pelligrino runs at the National Opera Center. /April, 2019/

BLEACH announces a two week extension. A third, final week extension follows.

BLEACH closes on March 30th, 2019 after 120 performances. /March, 2019/

The U.S. premiere of BLEACH opens on January 11th, 2019.

“A committed in-your-lap performance.”

- Helen Shaw, Time Out New York January 17 2019

“(George) exudes the confidence and authority that the part demands. Just about every line is saturated with a coquettish allure… Mr. George is delightful as Tyler. ”

- James Bartholomew, All About Solo January 22, 2019 ★★★★

“The deceptively subtle Brendan George… commands the room.”

- Dan Dinero, Theatre is Easy January 29, 2019

POST-COITUS CONFESSIONS runs at NY Winterfest. /January, 2019/

BLEACH by Dan Ireland-Reeves, directed by Zack Carey, announces its U.S. premiere. Rehearsals begin.

MOVING ON wraps production. /December, 2018/

MOVING ON, an NYU web-series, starts production.

NO SYMPATHY FOR THE WOLF records original cast album. /November, 2018/

NO SYMPATHY FOR THE WOLF by Scott Mebus, directed by Maridee Slater, opens its world premiere to a sold-out house. /October, 2018/

“It’s a clever touch to have the Boy Who Cried Wolf as the narrator, especially as played here by the appealing George, offering a nuanced performance.”

- Dan Rubins, Theatre is Easy October 14, 2018

NO SYMPATHY FOR THE WOLF, premiering at FringeNYC, begins rehearsals.

POST-COITUS CONFESSIONS, premiering at NY Winterfest, begins rehearsals.

DREAMLAND (working title), series trailer, wraps production. /August, 2018/

Relocation to New York, New York ~ concrete jungle where dreams are made of ~ /July, 2018/

SOMETIMES THE RAIN, SOMETIMES THE SEA by Julia Izumi opens at Brown University.  /April, 2018/

"In portraying Dolan (and Hans Christen Andersen), Brendan George ‘18 successfully vivifies the author’s complex personality, loneliness, and overwhelming desire to be loved and seen."

  - Paige Torres, The Blognonian April 16, 2018

PIPPIN opens at Brown University. /November, 2017/

"The most dynamic character in the ensemble was the flirtatious, scantily clad “Leading Player,” played by Brendan George ’18, who served as the musical’s spiritual coxswain... and George’s performance merits acclaim usually reserved for Broadway professionals.”

-  Annabelle Woodward, The Brown Daily Herald November 26, 2017  

Workshop readings for plays in development at Williamstown Theatre Festival:

YELLOWJACKETS, by Itamar Moses, directed by Annie Tippe and THE ALGORITHM, by Julian Sheppard, directed by Oliver Butler. /August, 2017/

REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION by Tony Kushner presents as part of the 5 x 10 short play series at Williamstown Theatre Festival. /July, 2017/

TALLGRASS GOTHIC, by Melanie Marnich, opens at Brown University. /March, 2016/

"...and the slimy, independent Filene (Brendan George ’18) all serve to push the progress of the affair in their willed direction.  It’s clear these surrounding characters were scrupulously developed during the production process, and no two share the same deceit or tactics of manipulation."

 "Tallgrass Gothic exploits both the body and mind, and touches on sexual freedom as much as it does emotional complacency, affecting the audience viscerally but never cheaply."

- Samuel Fredericks, The Blognonian March, 2016

SPRING AWAKENING opens at Brown University. /February, 2015/

"Among the teenage ensemble, the romantic entanglement between two male characters — a collision of Brendan George’s ’18 smarmy swagger and the Bambi-esque Jonathan West ’16 — is comically entertaining."

- Andrew Deck, The Brown Daily Herald February, 2015